This category contains all of the Eldar Corsair bands currently known to the Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition. Just tried putting together a Corsair list in Battle Scribe, and it hit me – without any HQ options, and without the Asuryani or Drukhari. With the decent Eldar leadership and the fact that you likely aren’t going to be using any large units of Corsairs this is actually pretty helpful.

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Despite this, Forge World gave them rules as a tabletop faction in their book Doom of Mymerea. While I never played using the actual Corsair rules, I was building towards that in the end of 7th and now that dream is gone. If you had 3x Dark Lance Jetbikes, all riding close your opponent is gonna be scared to freaking shoot you!

It’s rare to get map with zero gas cloud, you vorsairs always retreat to a gas cloud to regain stealth. These were great advices till they removed the skill that increases the firing arc: Eldar Outcasts playing an active, but vital role as Rangers. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Aurics Pride on October 26, Other Eldar Paths include that of the Bonesingeras the psycho-technicians of the Craftworlds are called, who craft Sldar and other psycho-plastic materials to fashion the material artefacts of the Eldar civilisation.

The only good strats for corsairs and cw is to engage at longest range and use starcannons while in target lock so u can move and shoot the whole time. The Corsairs are said to be corsairx closest faction to the original Eldar before the Fall. The next forge world book is Admech vs Tau, but who knows, the next could be a Corisars book.


Eldar Corsairs

Many Corsairs eventually grow out of this youthful rebellious phase and return to their Craftworld, though others fall so deep into depravity that their souls are consumed by Slaanesh or they become Dark Eldar themselves. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Start a New Discussion. They are a constant threat to Imperial merchant shipping, though they lack the ability to face off against a true Imperial Navy battlefleet of any real size.

Cavalier on October 26, You see it on paper and its one thing, but edlar moving the unit on the tabletop is another.

Crying through an eye-patch- Eldar Corsairs in 8th edition. Which you should, since unlike the other Aeldari factions they don’t lose any of their gimmicks to do so.

Eldar Corsair – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Their mobility was pretty shocking too. Each of us walks the stars alone. An Eldar Outcast armed with a Long Rifle. Its known that sometimes foolish and wealthy Humans are known to hire the services of Corsairs who demand an extortionate price for their eodar. After years corsaids wandering as adventurers or Rangersor sailing the seas of space aboard the pirate fleetsmost Eldar Outcasts eventually return to the sanctuary of the Eldar path.

Anyway great article AP. A Corsair Fleet is lead by what the Imperium names a Corsair Prince, although such is their narcissism that none share the same title. October 26, Outcasts must bear the terrible burden of their heightened Eldar consciousness and psychic abilities without the mental protections offered by the Asuryani.

You can always gain control of drifting hulk back by boarding your own ship. Killersquid on October 25, Retrieved from ” http: Contents [ show ].

Did you ever notice how similar the Coterie system is to the 8th ed Detachments? Saffron View Profile View Posts. Plus they still have Corsair Coterie Keywords just sitting there. November 4, Free from the bondage of the Path, they can explore the full extent of sensation in the universe without restraint. Well those are my initial impressions. Sign In Don’t have an account? While I’m gonna be diving more into CWE going forward they are gonna be my go-to for Ynnari troops in a battalion no questions asked If you want an idea of what life as a Corsair is like, the book “Path of the Outcast” deals with an Eldar from Alaitoc who becomes a Rangerthen joins a Corsair fleet, rises to the rank of Prince, only to make some stupid mistakes and lose it all.

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Log in and join the community. Why are we assuming FW won’t do the same.

Ads by Project Wonderful! They mostly consist of former Craftworld Eldar walking the path of the Outcast, although others are Dark Eldar who left Commorragh. Lexicanum pages needing citation. In their manner and actions they are often complete opposites of the Craftworld Eldar. Originally posted by technotemplar:.

Eldar Outcasts | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Saim-Dann Full Member Posts: In battle, Corsairs emphasize speed and surprise over firepower and armour. There are innumerable Paths, some of which are chosen only rarely, but each offers its followers a complete way of life during the time which they tread upon it.

Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! Eldar Corsairs are bands of piratical Eldar Outcasts. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

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